About Us


Welcome to Vinilonga! We are a friendly festival made with love by filmmakers. We like to think of ourselves as a costume party, changing our dress code every three months.

We do screenings online and in cultural spaces in Argentina of the themes curated especially from the submissions. We like to incorporate a great diversity of formats and themes, so we invite you to register with your short film or video clip to participate. You can register with documentaries, fiction, experimental short films, video dance, video poetry, animation and any other hybrid work. Surprise us!

As with all editions of Vinilonga, our aim is to bring together a diverse range of voices in an innovative ensemble; a mix of creators from around the world in all media and formats working towards a shared vision of cinematic advancement. By presenting the best possible stories told in a matter of minutes, we hope to not only illuminate and celebrate what separates these artists, but ultimately what unites them.

Our mission is to bring audiences together with short-form cinema, with personal creations and different ways of seeing the world.

Our curatorial criteria seeks to expose our on-site and online audiences to the power of short films to explore ideas and show a personal point of view. We are interested in showing different approaches to contemporary issues, from the farthest corners of the world, in the most diverse ways. We like to find things that we don't usually see in the mass media, be it the subject matter, the way it is told or the origin of the story, and use them to create short programmes with an original thematic unity.