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Gabriela Fernández Argentina

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After studying film at Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA) and Direction of Photography at Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina (SICA), Gabriela Fernández developed as a character animator in various techniques (2d cut out, 3d, stop motion) for TV series and commercials. She made several personal audiovisual pieces, including the short "What do dogs dream about?" (2012) and her latest stop motion animated short "Om" (2020).

In a desert forest, inhospitable and dark, a small group of particular creatures dedicate themselves to collect in a ceremonial way the few remaining fruits. The creatures gather at the foot of what appears to be an altar made of dry logs and branches, similar to a cave. From the darkness of it a being of much larger size and of a different aspect to the creatures that offer it awakens. What is this ritual about?

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