Un homme, un vrai


Directed by -

Aurélien Mathieu France

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Aurélien was born in Annecy and studied at ESRA Film school in Paris. There he directed his first short-film “Le facteur humain” at 19 years-old. Then he got into an apprenticeship at EuropaCorp TV where he focused on fiction alongside Kyan Khojandi. He experienced several positions to get an insight of all the jobs necessary to make a film. At 24 he founded his own digital production company (closed nowadays) with the help of 3 associates, for which he directed several web commercials, music videos and corporate films. In the same time, he made a career in Lego toy photography under Shobrick’s pseudonym. As the pictures went viral and made millions of views, Warner Bros Us commissioned him to promote the Star Wars Lego video game. He also published a book “Lego Dino” at Glénat Editions.

A father share with his son his vision of masculinity during a rugby training.

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