Edition #3


Welcome to the third instalment of the Vinilonga Short Film Festival, a celebration of global and independent cinema that this time explores the esoteric realms of power and possibility in what we have come to refer to as The Mystic Edition.

Carefully curated from a field of over 1500 submissions, our selection of sixteen enigmatic and evocative short films takes a multifarious approach in both format and function to asking questions without answers of worlds beyond our own.

Works of fiction, documentary, video-dance, performance art, and all manner of hybrids, offer a panoramic view of the preternatural, as we travel from the majestic caverns of ancient Spanish churches, beneath the waves of Norway to the Colombian Pacific, and across the aisles of a supermarket into a bowl of soup.

The programme is concerned with phantoms of the familiar, suggestions of the supernatural bearing down on life, which force us to confront our preconceptions of the world.

As with every edition of Vinilonga, our aim is to bring together a diverse range of voices into an innovative ensemble; a mixture of creators from across the globe with all manner of means and methodologies working towards a shared vision of cinematic advancement. By presenting the best possible stories told over a matter of minutes, we hope not only to illuminate and celebrate what separates these artists but ultimately what unites them.

It will be up to our audience to select which of these short films takes home the grand prize at the end of the week, so please remember to cast your votes after watching.

Thank you, from everyone here at Vinilonga.

We hope you like what you see.