Edition #4


Welcome to the fourth installment of the Vinilonga Short Film Festival, a celebration of global and independent cinema that this time explores those little and big stories hidden in familiar nooks and crannies, in our beloved Crianza Edition.

Our selection of fourteen evocative and intimate short films, carefully selected from over 2000 submissions, takes a diverse approach, both in format and function, to uncover and recognize what binds one generation to another, and one home to another.

Fiction, documentary, video-dance, animation and all kinds of hybrids offer a range of different domestic ties and situations, whose elemental features reappear whether it is lunch with the children in Egypt, leisure time in Brazil, dancing with grandma in the Netherlands or remembering old birthdays in Lebanon.

The programme invites us to allow ourselves to be touched by what we recognize in the families of others, and to be surprised by the strange forms that the intimate takes in every part of the world.

As with all editions of Vinilonga, our aim is to bring together a diversity of voices in an innovative ensemble; a mix of creators from around the world in all media and formats working towards a shared vision of cinematic advancement. By presenting the best possible stories told in a matter of minutes, we hope to not only illuminate and celebrate what separates these artists, but ultimately what unites them.

It will be up to our audience to choose which of these short films takes home the grand prize at the end of the week, so remember to cast your votes after watching.

Thank you, from everyone here at Vinilonga.

We hope you like what you see.